Zengine Plugin Version 1 Documentation

Plugins allow you to extend your Zengine experience by adding new screens (full screen plugins) or functionality to existing screens (inline plugins) within Zengine. Plugin services allow you to interact with other systems from the backend. Using our developer tool, you can write Javascript, HTML, and CSS to build out your own custom plugin. From the developer tool, you can also manage and upload any plugin services.

Please note that all development is subject to the API License Agreement.

Some examples of full screen plugins are:

  • Custom dashboards
  • Gantt chart that extends our task system
  • Reports that pull in data from external systems
  • Alternate calendar that can show data from forms, or from an external calendar

Some examples of inline plugins are:

  • New button that can send data from an existing form to Zapier
  • UPS tracking status
  • Task hotlist that follows you from screen to screen

Some examples of plugin services are:

  • Post new records to Zapier
  • Fetch records and post them to HipChat
  • Send email newsletters with “mail merge” data from Zengine

Using webhooks or scheduled webhooks, you can have these plugin services run on interval or when changes are saved.

For more questions about plugins in general, take a look here.