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Plugin API

Plugins allow you to customize or extend a Zengine application by adding new screens or functionality to existing screens within Zengine. For instance, you can create custom dashboards, embedded integrations to other products or popup workflow screens with action buttons - all with a minimal amount of coding. Plugins can be private to a specific application or (in the near future) published and sold in our Plugin Marketplace.

Zengine Plugin API

Why Zengine?

Zengine makes it easy for a business user - without technical skills - to build cloud based business applications that contain forms, tasks, file sharing, notifications, role based permissions and more. Yet there are times when additional functionality is needed to extend or customize an application. For instance, an application may require a custom dashboard, buttons and workflows that automate a process, or data integration with another product. Zengine's RESTful API and Plugin system provide developers the power and flexibility to extend or customize or build a business application faster then ever before.


Our RESTful API makes it easy to integrate Zengine with other apps; such as email systems, marketing automation systems or EMRs. In addition, the API can also be used to quickly build small stand alone mobile and desktop apps containing Zengine data.

Zengine REST API